Consulting and advisory

Financial advisory

In times of great challange and competition, businesses are faced with tough and difficult decisions regarding their incoming money streams and their outgoing funds. Our financial advisory team helps CFOs perfectly match the financing strategy of their company with the volatile cost structure by designing tailor-made products that help businesses strengthen and grow in the most healthy way.

The client base ranges from SMEs to large corporates, acting on their domestic markets or in international trade, who are in need of finding the most suitable financing strategy either by raising equity or by contracting additional credit facilities.

In order to maximize and preserve value, our team uses its skills in the following areas:

  • Corporate finance
  • Transactional services
  • Forensic services
  • Reorganisation services


Management consulting

Helping companies improve their performance by surpassing the organizational problems and developing long term growth strategies are the main goals of our management consulting division. Be it retail shop networks or high-level commodity trade businesses, our team focuses on the most important aspects of each sector, bringing a top-knotch functional expertise to the already implemented management model.

We focus both on the most critical issues and on the top opportunities by analyzing and testing the following areas:

  • Organizational behaviour
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Coaching
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Technology

Also, by adding a non-executive directorship agreement, clients can benefit from an outside objective point of view regarding all the aspects of the business, without any link or interest from the interior.


Fiscal optimization

In international trading, being compliant with market regulations, capital controls, transaction costs and also tax rules and regulations is one of the top priorities, given the fact that cross-border businesses and alliances are more and more present in the current economic climate. Through the extensive knowledge and expertise of the EMCS Consulting Group, we provide specialized solutions for international tax planning.

After a thorough audit and internal due-dilligence our teams provide optimum tax solutions either for the domestic business or for the international ventures, helping businesses optimize their cash-flow and secure their inflows. As tax management is not the core business of all corporates, making sure that the right people effectively manage the tax obligations is a hard task for every company. Our partners can answer a wide range of tax-related questions and ensure peace of mind that the business is being tax efficiently managed through the following potential services:

  • Tax costs optimization
  • Relief of double taxation solutions
  • Calculation of tax obligations
  • Formulation of effective and tax-efficient cross-border strategies
  • Proposal of transaction structuring from a tax perspective
  • Analysis of tax incidence of international transactions in multiple jurisdictions
  • Tax payment advice
  • Tax residency
  • Management of global structural tax rate


EU Funding advisory

While EU funding is available both at a national level as well as at a European level, national EU funded programmes are aimed at specific sectors such as tourism, agriculture and industry and would usually require the design of a business plan or action programme. Commission programmes such as Culture 2000, FP7 and Civitas require detailed programming and specialised project management in order for applicant companies to benefit from funding in different percentages of the proposed project.

Our partners provide advice to clients about opportunities for sourcing of EU funds for specific projects, having an intensive expertise in domains such as tourism, infrastructure and personell training.